Plan before Starting Successful Container Gardening


If you’re looking to enhance an area around the patio, front porch, or balcony, container gardening may be exactly what your outdoor space needs.

Container gardens can be created to suit the amount of sunlight they’ll receive, a tight budget, or design space. The freedom of choosing what to plant doesn’t stop at flowers; you can also grow herbs, veggies, and dwarf flowering shrubs in small spaces.

Learn how easy it is to take care of container gardens with these four tips:

Plan Before You Plant

Before you start choosing your plants, consider how much sunlight the area will receive. Some plants prefer direct sun, while others like shade, which makes adding color to shady locations a breeze.

Don’t be scared to mix perennials into your containers; they provide low-maintenance texture and contrast. Combine grasses and trailing perennials for a fresh look, or add vines to make your planter even more unique!

If you are considering growing herbs or veggies, ensure that the area receives adequate sunlight and that you are able to water efficiently.


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